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Brand Launch

"Cobie is a creative thinker who is very smart and quick on her feet. She is a treasure trove of ideas and can back up her words with solid research. She is honest and realistic and I always trust her opinion. 

I am a graphic designer and have consulted with Cobie on several new businesses. She consistently has pages of notes and suggestions about how to make my clients' businesses grow. Cobie can think out-of-the-box and has come up with brilliant ideas, time and time again. She also has such a vibrant and enthusiastic personality, it's contagious! I enjoy working with Cobie very much.

- Barbara Bergmans Rucci, owner, B. Rucci Studio


Rebranding and Marketing

"Cobie was a key force in the school's recent marketing strategies and materials. She always follows through and often goes the extra mile. Cobie’s broad set of skills includes writing, graphic design, media relations, and of course strategy on a high level. She has a knack for assessing an organization's mission and purpose and articulating it precisely, which is often a challenge for schools and community-oriented organizations. While developing the school's first marketing plan, Cobie demonstrated a special talent for sorting through a lot of information and ideas to identify the essential concepts that will deliver the biggest results and providing a clear plan that is attainable, even for the smallest of businesses and organizations. She has been an invaluable asset by setting the school on a path that will reap benefits for years to come.” 

Sunan Jones, former president of the board of New Canaan Community Nursery School


Name Development

“Cobie Graber has excellent marketing skills.  When given an assigment, Cobie makes sure she understands a business, she expertly gets to know the intended market and she figures out how to best position that business in a cost-effective, timely manner. She is also a pleasure to work with, a true team player.   

When looking for help in naming my cooking business, I polled several hundred people for business name ideas and Cobie's idea, Full Plate, came out on top. It was broad enough that the business could have legs, but also was spot on in terms of capturing my target market's sentiments.”  

Eila Johnson, owner, Full Plate Blog


Strategic Networking

“Cobie is creative, smart and professional! She has the ability to think out of the box while remaining focused on business needs!” 

- Liza Salta, owner, Liza's Simple Soirée 


Global Marketing

"Mrs. Graber was the Director of Marketing for Imaging Business Machines, LLC.  Her role required her to span Vertical Markets with core document imaging technology. She was the best individual we had in that position over the course of nine years. She navigated the highly technical world of the Engineering and Product Marketing groups to develop a marketing strategy that focused on the technology's benefit to the market versus a punch list of technical features. Mrs. Graber's job had responsibilities for 35 annual events, advertising, public relations, and white papers.”  

- Craig Reeves, owner, Ambit Solutions, LLC


Global Marketing

"Cobie is one of the brightest, hardest working, and effective people I have worked with. I would welcome the opportunity to have Cobie on my team any day.” 

- Robert Sbrissa, executive vice president, IBML


Public Relations

"When I invited Ms. Graber to join our team in October of 1998, I challenged her to build our brand name from scratch.  She started our first public relations, advertising and marketing efforts soon after an acquisition that made our company the largest independent provider of document processing services in the country.  I have found Ms. Graber to be a hard-working team player who regularly contributes creative ideas.  Her ability to work effectively with colleagues across organizational lines has been a tremendous asset to AccuDocs.  By quickly linking our technology to a market need, she has been instrumental in shaping our e-commerce message.”   

- Martin S. Steber, former president of AccuDocs and partner with Sverica International


International Public Relations

"Enthusiastic, able to handle multiple projects while meeting deadlines, resourceful, detail-oriented, excellent communicator, self-starter, shows initiative and willing to tackle any project…” These are qualifications that best describe Cobie Graber’s work ethic during her tenure at UPS. When Cobie joined Corporate, she became the third member of a team handling the communications strategy for UPS’s four international regions. With travel schedules often overlapping, we could relax knowing there was a competent and reliable “point-guard” home-based in Atlanta. Cobie had the flexibility and resourcefulness to handle new situations that arose, while managing her ongoing areas of responsibility (including media relations, executive communications and proactive programming)." 

- Kristi Wilson, former manager, International Public Relations, UPS


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