"Cobie was a key force in the school's recent marketing strategies and materials. She collaborated successfully with a broad range of constituents and always had the biggest and best ideas and solutions. She always follows through, and often goes the extra mile. Cobie's has a broad set of skills, including writing, graphic design, media relations, and of course strategy on a high level. She has a knack for assessing an organization's mission and purpose and articulating it precisely, which is often a challenge for schools and community-oriented organizations. While developing the school's first marketing plan, Cobie demonstrated a special talent for sorting through a lot of information and ideas to identify the essential concepts that will deliver the biggest results, and providing a clear plan that is attainable, even for the smallest of businesses and organizations. She has been an invaluable asset by setting the school on a path that will reap benefits for years to come."  - Pamela Turner, director of New Canaan Community Nursery School, and Sunan Jones, president of the board of New Canaan Community Nursery School.