Nourish New Canaan Blog

Who?  I am Cobie Graber, a mother of two with a background in public relations and marketing who believes in taking action instead of complaining about the status quo.  Nourish New Canaan started as a grassroots movement to raise awareness about the impact of nutrition on health and behavior, create Edible Schoolyards, improve school food and provide opportunities for physical fitness.   

When?  Where?  Why?  I started Nourish New Canaan in our local community in January of 2009 out of concern about ADD/ADHD, juvenile diabetes, food allergies, obesity and childhood cancers.   

How?  My philosophy for making the biggest impact with limited time depends on working within the structure of the public school, partnering with likeminded community groups and seeking out free resources - while reaching out to media along the way.   To follow my progress and discover opportunities to get involved, subscribe to this blog.  THANK YOU!