Ask Senators to Support Child Nutrition Bill

Update: President Obama signed the Child Nutrition Bill into Law

Photo: Obama Fooderama Blog

The Child Nutrition Bill offers the most new funding and strongest standards in the sixty-year history of the National School Lunch Program.  When this bill reaches the Senate floor, we're hoping Congress will improve it by increasing the funding for healthy food to at least $1 billion per year.  But we can't get there unless Congress makes child nutrition a priority.  

Senate leaders are thinking about postponing the Child Nutrition Bill for another year or two.  Instead of new funding for healthier food, stronger nutrition standards, and grants for Farm to School programs -- which are all in the current bill -- schools could end up with the same-old system next year. 

Click the link to ask our Senators to sign the letter urging colleagues to schedule time for the bill today.   The letter will be submitted to the leadership on Wednesday, May 19 -- so our Senators need to sign it ASAP.