Better School Food and Edible Schoolyards

Why should we take school food to the next level and plant Edible Schoolyards?  

Because...  The White House planted a garden.  Alice Waters appeared on 60 Minutes.   Yale is measuring the effect of sustainable food/education on academics, athletics and overall well-being and we want New Canaan to part of the research project.  Farm to table initiatives make a lot of sense.  And, most importantly, we can improve the quality of life for our children and reduce healthcare costs downstream by taking the following steps now: 

Take school food to the next level - Serve only organic, natural and hormone-free foods, source vegetables and fruits locally, incorporate more whole grains and eliminate genetically-engineered ingredients.  Teach by example that healthy food can be delicious (

Find more time for lunch - Let's brainstorm with teachers and administrators, research best practices and figure out how to add a few more minutes to eat lunch.  Meet your child for lunch and see for yourself how difficult it is to get students seated, fed, cleaned up and ready to leave in twenty minutes or less. 

Plant Edible Schoolyards at our schools - These gardens ( serve as outdoor classrooms that can be used to teach math, science, health, physical education, nutrition and art.  Hands-on health education is not only effective, but life-changing.   

If you believe in this initiative, please ask all of your local friends and relatives to join Nourish New Canaan.