Demand GMO Labeling on Food

Canada, Europe, Russia, China, Japan, Australia and and many other nations banned gentically-modified rBGH from milk as well as genetically engineered soy and corn because they could not be proven safe.  The United States permits GMO products unless they are proven dangerous.  Therefore, companies like Coca-Cola, WalMart and Kraft sell different versions of their products abroad.  It is interesting to note that the US has the highest incidence of cancer of any country since the introduction of these products in addition to skyrocketing food allergies.  

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are in 75% of the packaged foods in supermarkets.   Despite the mounting research that GMOs pose a severe threat to our health and our environment, there are no regulations that require manufacturers to label GMO products. 

Plant pathologist Dr. Don Huber warns USDA of new pathogen in GM corn

GMO food toxin found in the blood of pregnant moms

In the last year alone, the USDA approved three new GM crops: alfalfa, sugar beets and a type of corn used for ethanol. Any day, fast-growing GM salmon may be approved by the FDA.  Please follow this link to tell the FDA you demand GMO labeling on food.