Five Months of Progress

Congratulations - your involvement and support is already making a difference!

School food is getting healthier thanks to the determination and discriminating palate of food services director Bruce Gluck.  Laura Heckman of the New Canaan Nature Center announced plans to start a community garden in the coming year.   Rector Peter Walsh of St. Marks Church and his congregation planted a vegetable garden to provide fresh produce to the New Canaan Food Pantry.  Board of Education member Jenny McMahon proposed the creation of a wellness policy for the New Canaan Public School District, which is currently under development.  The Young Women's League, under the leadership of president Kelly Daniel, has made community health a priority.   Executive director of the New Canaan YMCA Craig Panzano, director of financial development and marketing Susan Eng and I are applying for a grant to make policy and environmental changes that will improve the health of children in New Canaan.  These are all great steps in the right direction!

Mr. Gluck previously was the chef at a private club, where he earned a reputation for excellence.  With our support and his talent, the possibilities for school lunch are endless.   Did you know that the only place to get whole grain pizza with fresh mozzarella in New Canaan is at a public school cafeteria?    Check the food services page for a photo gallery featuring his catered cuisine.   And come to the South School PTO meeting on May 20 at 9:00, where Mr. Gluck will have a few minutes to update us on school lunch.  His latest news and contact information are now printed on every menu (thanks to a suggestion by Toni Bowden).

We are fortunate to live in a community full of so much talent - and people who are willing to donate their time and expertise.   Together, we can make a meaningful impact.  Let's continue to unite the efforts of relevant groups in town so we can significantly improve the health of our children - and the community at large.

Thank you for your continued support.