Sidewalk Survey vs. Referendum 

As the recent articles in the local news seem to suggest (and as some of you have noted), the opposition to the sidewalk is mostly a call to fiscal responsibility.  While I am in favor of responsible spending, I also believe that sidewalks will improve safety, encourage people to get moving and create a deeper sense of community - all of which are priceless.   Consider what we have spent without complaint on various consultants whose efforts have had far less impactful results.  Investing in our downtown infrastructure is a gift that will keep on giving.  To sign the petition in favor of extending the Main Street sidewalk from Oak Street to Farm Road, email your name and address to   

In the spirit of community, I encourage everyone to get the facts straight from the Town Council and Tiger Mann.   I attended the recent Town Council meeting, where the vote was 9-0 in favor of approving a request from the Department of Public Works for $25,000 to survey Main Street, the first step in determining the best way to repair the road and extend the sidewalk.  

Earlier in the meeting, the finance committee made a thorough report of its findings, which demonstrate the health of New Canaan's finances.   This presentation sharply contradicts misinformation being presented by petitioners in favor of a referendum, which is an expensive delay tactic that will stop all scheduled paving on eleven roads.  (If you signed the referendum in error, you can contact the town clerk to remove your name.)