Sidewalks and Paving Prevail

A special thank you to all of you who put up with all of the emails asking you to back up your opinions with action.   With your help, the NO vote prevailed.   This means that the bond created by the Board of Finance can be used for paving and sidewalks, pending Town Council approval.   Currently, an engineering study of Main Street is being conducted to determine the best way to improve safety along Main Street.   

No Votes:   1788 (54%)

Yes Votes:  1541 (46%)

You can feel good about investing in the infrastructure of our town's sidewalks.  In accordance with the recommendations of the CDC,  AARP, Let's Move Campaign, World Cancer Research Fund, American Institute for Cancer Research and several studies in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, communities around the world are making strides to become more walkable.  See for a list of towns who have already earned the coveted Walk Friendly designation.

Whether you voted based on safety, health, respect for our Town Council or the myriad of other reasons, thank you.  Please continue to share your ideas with the Town Council.  As we have proven, together we can make a huge impact.