The Value of Making New Canaan Walk Friendly

Since many of us are interested in making New Canaan a safe, walkable community, I want to share information about applying for a Walk Friendly designation.  (Ann Arbor, Hoboken, Santa Barbara and Charlottesville have earned the designation among others.)

Right now, tensions are still high and the timing is not right.  Nonetheless, I encourage you to review the criteria on the application so that you might share my vision of how New Canaan can be... 

For those of you who expressed concerns about spending - please read on about the economic value of walkability.  As MSN real estate puts it, "Walkability is hot these days."  Why?  A study noted in a November 8, 2010 Wall Street    Journal blog entry demonstrated that walkable communities lost less value during the housing crash.  A separate study demonstrates that walkability adds from $4,000 to $34,000 to home values.  

Obtaining Walk Friendly status would require a joint effort driven by the Board of Selectmen and Town Council with support from you and me.   Therefore, this November, I encourage you to identify and vote for representatives who value the economic, social, environmental and health-related benefits of walkability.   

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