Three Opportunities to Get Involved

Attend the Board of Education meeting on Monday, May 10th at 7:30 pm in the Wagner room at the New Canaan High School where Jenny McMahon (board of education representative, Nourish New Canaan member and colleague from the wellness policy committee) will be presenting the proposed New Canaan Public Schools' Wellness Policy for review.  

Celebrate the opening of Connecticut farmers markets on Thursday, May 13th at 6 pm in the Adrian Lamb Room of the New Canaan Library.  The event will showcase local farmers’ products, screen the documentary film “The Farmer’s Voice” and include a presentation about the importance of supporting local farmers. 

Support the New Canaan's Farmers Market, which opens Saturday, May 15th from 10-2 pm at the Center School Parking Lot.  Now is your chance to speak up!  Sally Hines (Board of Selectmen) and Tucker Murphy (Chamber of Commerce) are currently polling residents and merchants as part of their effort to research the best location for the farmers market.  Happily, Rosie and Chef Luis have already agreed to develop farmers market specials that incorporate locally-grown produce to encourage patrons to stay in town for lunch.  Tell area restaurant owners that you look forward to specials featuring local produce.  

There is strength in numbers, so help me help you improve the health of our town!

“Large scale chemical agriculture is poisoning our soils and our water, and weakening our communities. By buying direct from a family farm you can help put a stop to this unfortunate trend. By buying produce from your local farmer, you are working to maintain a healthy environment, a vibrant community, and a strong and sustainable local economy for you and your kids to thrive in,” said Beverly Corvino, the writer and director of “The Farmer’s Voice.”