Wellness Policy Accepted

Jenny McMahon will be presenting the proposed New Canaan Public Schools' Wellness Policy to the Board of Education tonight.  The committee, co-chaired by Mary Kolek and Michael Lagas, worked on this for a year.  Other members include: Sue Cesareo, Jay Egan, Michael Woods, Bunny Potts, Bruce Gluck, Joshua MacDonald, Kim Palmer, Whitney Pratt, Jenny McMahon, Melinda Meyer and me (Cobie Graber).    

Establishing a committee to create a wellness policy was a strategic action item I proposed to David Abbey on behalf of Nourish New Canaan to support teaching students by example how to live a healthy lifestyle.  

After reading all of the wellness policies we could find from districts near and far, we developed language that provided a strong foundation by addressing wellness as it relates to nutrition and physical activity while leaving room to evolve over time.  One of the main tenets of the newly adopted student wellness policy was the establishment of a standing district wellness committee.